A government teacher leading a class.

How To Get A Government Teaching Job

Teaching is a rewarding job and many people aspire to secure government teaching positions for the stability, benefits and prestige they can provide. Landing one of these jobs can be a challenging process and competition is typically fierce so you need to follow certain steps. Here’s how to get a government teaching job.

First research the types of teaching jobs that are available within the government. Government teaching jobs are typically available for primary (K-12), secondary and post secondary levels. Research the qualifications and job requirements for each position to determine which one might be the best fit for you and which ones you are most interested in.

Next, ensure that your qualifications meet the requirements of the job you wish to pursue. Requirements may include a certain level of education, experience in the field or a teaching certification. Many government teaching jobs also require passing a background check and drug test.

Once you have determined that you meet the job requirements you can start your job search. Your local government agency may have job postings listed on their website or you can search online job sites such as USAjobs.gov or the state government’s website. Networking with other teachers and colleagues can also be helpful in learning about available government teaching jobs.

Once you have identified a job you are interested in you will need to apply. You will likely need to submit a cover letter, resume and references. Some positions may also require you to take an assessment or submit a teaching plan. Read the job posting carefully to make sure that you complete all of the necessary steps in the application process.

After you have submitted your application you will likely be asked to participate in an interview. Be prepared to discuss your qualifications, teaching experience and plans for the position. You may also be asked to provide examples of your work or provide a teaching demonstration.

Once you have completed the interview you will likely be asked to wait for a decision. The hiring agency may take several weeks or even months to make a decision. You can check in with the agency periodically to check the status of your application.

Securing a government teaching job can be difficult but it is not impossible and is well worth your effort. With the right qualifications, job search strategy and interviewing skills you may be able to land one of these sought after positions and begin a rewarding career. Good luck!

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