Dressing up for an entry level interview.

How To Dress For An Entry Level Interview

When you are preparing for a job interview it is important to make sure you look and feel your best, even for an entry level position. After all, your appearance can be the deciding factor between whether or not you get the job. This is even true for entry level jobs as employers are typically looking for someone who will be a good representative of their company. To give yourself the best chance of success at an interview it is essential that you know how to dress for one. Here is some help.

When dressing for a job interview it is important to make sure that you look professional and put together. The exact type of clothing you wear will depend on the job you are applying for as some industries may require you to dress more formally than others. However it is typically a good idea to wear a conservative suit when possible. For men this could mean a navy or charcoal suit with a white shirt, a muted tie and dress shoes. For women a tailored dress or a skirt and blouse with a blazer and closed toed heels are the way to go. Remember to steer clear of prints and patterns as they can be distracting.

As far as accessorizing your look goes keep it simple and avoid anything too flashy or attention grabbing. Avoid jewelry that is too large or over the top and stick to simple earrings and a classic watch. If you wear glasses make sure they are clean and up to date. You should also make sure your hair is neat and styled and that your makeup is kept to a minimum.

Although your outfit is important it’s also important to focus on your body language and the impression you give off during the interview. Be sure to make eye contact, speak clearly and confidently and sit up straight with your shoulders back and your feet on the floor. These small details will tell the employer a lot about you and your professionalism.

It’s also important to be mindful of your hygiene. Make sure you shower and put on deodorant before arriving to an interview as this will show your interviewer that you are prepared and that you take pride in your appearance. Avoid smoking or eating before the interview as this could leave you with bad breath or stained teeth.

Finally, make sure you arrive to the interview on time. Allow some extra time in case you get lost or the traffic is especially bad. Punctuality will show your interviewer that you are serious about the job and that you respect their time.

By following these tips you should be able to put your best foot forward and make a great impression at your job interview. The right outfit and body language can speak volumes so make sure your outfit is tailored to the job you are interviewing for and that you come across as polite and confident. Remember that is is better to be over dressed than under dressed.

If you do these things you’ll be sure to make a great impression and maximize your chances of getting the job you are after.

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