Beach Money: The amazing phenomenon of earning passive income while you are on vacation

I first want to apologize that this past week I have not been posting anything on the blog.  As the title says, I was on vacation with my family in Hawaii this past week so I decided to do a post about how we actually earned more money while we were gone than what we spent on vacation.  I will also include some pictures of our trip 🙂

We decided to do an 8 day trip to the island of Oahu.  We had been to the islands of Maui and Hawaii (the big island), but we had not yet been to Oahu.  We also chose Oahu because we found a deal for a hotel room in Waikiki for only $116 per night.  From all of the research that I had done, that is a pretty amazing deal.  I also found non stop, round trip flights with Alaskan Airlines flying out of Oakland for just $398 apiece (including all fees and taxes).  Spending less than $1,800 on the hotel and airfare for an 8 day Hawaiian vacation seemed too good to pass up, and it was!  

We also rented a Hyundai Santa Fe for the duration of the trip and that was $309 for the week (about $38 per day, not too bad).  

I planned out a full itinerary for our trip, with a few fun things to do and see every day.  Here are some of the things that we did while we were on our trip:

  • Visited Pearl Harbor
  • Snorkeled at Hanauma Bay
  • Hiked to the top of Diamond Head
  • Hiked through Waimea Valley and swam in Waimea Falls
  • Went to various beaches on North Shore (Waimea Bay, Sunset Beach, etc)
  • Went to the Polynesian Cultural Center
  • Flew to Kauai for a day and met with my in-laws in Poipu at the Marriott Waiohai Beach Club (They were staying in Kauai the same week)
  • Surfed at Waikiki
  • Hiked the Makapu’u Lighthouse Trail 
  • Ate at many of the nice restaurants in Waikiki 
  • Went to Germaine’s Luau 

This is not a full list as we did a lot more, but these were some of the highlights of our trip.

There was one day on our trip that was the best however.  We were relaxing on Lanikai Beach and I received an email on my phone.  It was a notification from my bank that a deposit had been made from my rental properties.  The feeling of receiving passive income while you are sitting back relaxing on the beach in Hawaii is a feeling that is hard to describe.  Especially when that passive income is more than what you had spent on your trip!  When your wealth actually increases while you are on vacation, without you having to do any work at all, is a magnificent sensation.  

This is quite the opposite of how most people travel.  Most people go into debt when they take a vacation.  They come home from their trip and then start trying to pay off their credit card that they used for the entire thing.  Quite the polar opposite of beach money.  

I hope that everyone finds a little inspiration from this post.  Multifamily real estate has been the key to my financial freedom and what has shown me the power of passive income.  Anyway, here are some pictures from our trip:



Peacock at Waimea Valley


Poipu in Kauai 


At the beach in Waikiki

FullSizeRender copy

Relaxing poolside at our hotel


Hanauma Bay where we snorkeled 


Lava flow at LuLu’s in Waikiki



Great food everywhere!


Poipu Beach 


View from our hotel, not the best but not bad for $116 per night


Can you tell I like Lava flows? haha


Pearl Harbor


Pearl Harbor


Walking in Waikiki at night


Sunset Dinner at RumFire in Waikiki


Swimming at Waimea falls


We spotted a sea turtle at a beach in North Shore


Sunset in North Shore


Me and my boy 🙂


More sunset at North Shore

IMG_2761 copy

The Luau


Had to eat a Duke’s!


Lighthouse Hike


This is the exact moment I got the email update from my bank account.  I was sitting on the beach reading a book when my day just got even better when I didn’t think it could


Spicy Ahi Poke



A few more pics of Lanikai Beach


One more for the road 🙂




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