February Book Recommendation: “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson


I just finished reading this book this week, and I can’t believe I didn’t read this book earlier.  This book puts together many things that I feel like I already knew… but it gave me a new way to look at them; a new perspective that makes everything make so much more sense. 

Whether you are looking for answers in building wealth, improving relationships, living healthier, or just being happy in general, this book is the answer.  Without giving it all away, the book outlines a simple solution to achieving success in any area of your life.  The solution is called the Slight Edge… and this is something that anyone can start doing right away that will begin to show positive results over time. 

This book is a must read!  I would recommend actually starting out with this book before any other book.  You can use the concepts learned from this book when you are reading other books… it basically sets you up so that you can get the most out of any other book or program. 

Add this book to your library ASAP!  Order the book here:



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