WEEKLY BOOK RECOMMENDATION: “The Art of Raising Capital” by Darren Weeks


If there is one thing that someone must learn to really become wealthy on a new level, it is the art of raising capital.  Using other peoples’ money (OPM) is a form of leverage that will help rocket someone to a level in which they could not accomplish on their own.  

When you hear of people becoming millionaires in less than a year, often times it is due to their understanding of using other peoples’ money.  Maybe they purchased their first investment property, a 100 unit apartment complex, at a purchase price of $4.6 million.  The either found equity partners or borrowed private money to fund the 25% down payment on that property.  The point is, if you want to eventually graduate to the level where the big players play, you will need to master the art of raising capital. 

Darren Weeks is a Canadian financial educator who has learned the art of raising capital from personal experience.  Throughout his career he has raised millions of dollars in private capital for both real estate and business ventures.  His book “The Art of Raising Capital” outlines his process to make it simple and easy to understand.  One of the key points that he mentions in his book is that raising capital is not hard if you have the right deal.  If you have the right deal, the money will come.  

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to ramp up the pace on their wealth building.   Learning how to raise capital for real estate and businesses is a way to explode the process and truly become wealthy on the fast track.  

You can buy this book at the link below:




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