WEEKLY BOOK RECOMMENDATION: ‘How To Make Money In Real Estate In The New Economy’ By Matthew Martinez


Matthew Martinez has several great books on investing in real estate.  This book I read after reading his other book “2 Years To A Million In Real Estate” which was excellent.  In this book, “How To Make Money In Real Estate In The New Economy” he talks about investing in a post-recession market.  

It’s funny a few years ago at a Christmas party (maybe 2010?) I was talking with my 85 year old grandmother about investing.  She is very active in the stock market and loves companies like Starbucks, Wal Mart, and Apple.  I told her that I was getting into real estate investing and she quickly cut me off and said “Are you crazy?  Why would you ever buy real estate?  Real estate is probably the worst investment you could make we are seeing some of the lowest values in a really long time.”  I was polite, but in my mind I was telling her “that is exactly why I want to invest in real estate right now!”

This book is all about picking up properties cheap post-recession.  This book was written in 2011, and although most markets have done a lot of recovering since then, there still are places where you can find really cheap properties that have not fully recovered from the last recession.  This is a great book on real estate investing by one of my favorite real estate authors… you need to add this one to your library!

You can order a copy of this book by clicking the link below:




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