Sometimes What They Say On TV Isn’t Always The Truth: A First Hand Look At A Trump University Success Story

Over the past year or so while the presidential election has been going on, Donald Trump has come under a lot of scrutiny for his previous business venture “Trump University.” The mainstream media and his political opponents have claimed that Trump University was a scam, that they were ripping people off with overpriced courses that did not have any valuable content, and that there is proof of this because of the lawsuits that have come as a result.

 Trump University was created by Donald Trump and his partners to teach real estate investing, asset management, entrepreneurship, and wealth creation. Many have criticized Trump University for being a “for-profit” education company.  Well, these people obviously haven’t realized that the majority of private schools and private universities in the United States are also “for-profit.”  Not to mention, some of these for-profit schools are often some of the best schools out there and can afford to hire the best faculty and fund the most research etc. 

Although I never actually enrolled in any of the actual live courses offered by Trump University, I personally bought several books they produced several years ago. Here are a few of the books that I bought and read:

  • “Trump University Wealth Building 101”
  • “Trump University Real Estate 101”
  • “Trump University Commercial Real Estate 101”
  • “Trump University Entrepreneurship 101”
  • “Trump University Asset Protection 101”
  • “Trump University Branding 101”
  • “Trump University Marketing 101”


Through reading all of these books, I can personally attest that I obtained significant value from the principles of Trump University and they have contributed to my financial success. I have also read many of Donald Trump’s other books (not produced through Trump University) including:

  • “The Art of The Deal”
  • “Trump: The Best Real Estate Advice I Ever Received”
  • “The Art of The Comeback”
  • “Trump The Way To The Top: The Best Business Advice I Ever Received”
  • “Midas Touch” by Donald Trump & Robert Kiyosaki
  • “Trump: Strategies for Real Estate”
  • “Why We Want You To Be Rich” by Donald Trump & Robert Kiyosaki

Again, there was not a single book out of these titles that I did not learn massive amounts of valuable information from. I sincerely believe that Donald Trump started Trump University to yes, make a profit, but also to share his valuable knowledge and experience in business and real estate. There is always going to be a few people that for one reason or another want to take legal action against a for-profit enterprise. That is just the world we live in today.

Whether you like Donald Trump or not, whether you support him politically or not, it does not matter. But before you jump on board with criticism for Trump University, please make sure that you personally know all of the facts first hand rather than just going along with the mainstream media because “whatever they say on CNN is true.” I am saying that I have personally benefited tremendously from the efforts of Trump University and I can attribute a good portion of my financial success to Trump University and/or their publications.




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