WEEKLY BOOK RECOMMENDATION: “The ABCs Of Real Estate Investing” By Ken McElroy


If you are a beginner and you want to learn more about the benefits and reasons to invest in real estate, look no further than Ken McElroy’s book “The ABCs of Real Estate Investing.”  Ken McElroy is a Rich Dad Advisor of Robert Kiyosaki; Ken is Roberts go to guy on real estate.  Ken is the cofounder of MC Companies, which is the largest property management company of apartments in the western United States.  MC Companies also an apartment acquisition and development company, with thousands of apartment units under ownership and management.  

In this book Ken discusses many of the myths about real estate and why they are not true, how to achieve massive wealth and cash flow through real estate over time, how to find deals that have a lot of potential, make an accurate investment evaluation on a prospective property, tips on negotiations a purchase, and shows the reader where they can unleash hidden profits in real estate that most investors overlook.  

This was one of the books on real estate that I read early on when I started wanting to learn more about real estate investing.  If I remember right, it was this book that first made me start seriously considering multifamily properties over other types of real estate.  Ken does a great job of laying out all of the pros and cons about the different types of real estate, and it becomes fairly obvious why multifamily real estate is a good place to be.  

If you want to invest in real estate but you are not sure where to start or you feel that you don’t know enough about real estate investing, this book is where you should start.  

You can order a copy of this book here:



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