WEEKLY BOOK RECOMMENDATION: “Manny Khoshbin’s Contrarian PlayBook: How To Build Your $100 Million Real Estate Portfolio From The Ground Up”


Manny Khoshbin is a true example of rags to riches.  When he was a young teen ager he moved to the United States with his family from Iran.  Manny could not speak good english, and his family was living out of their car when they first arrived.  He set goals for himself and did not let anything get him off track.  Over the years he started and operated several of his own businesses, some of them seeing some success and some of them total failures.  He did not let that stop him.  

He finally started to get into real estate when he opened his own real estate and mortgage brokerage firm as a young adult.  Today he has a commercial real estate portfolio that is worth more than $100 million.  Manny has proven that no matter your background, if you have enough drive you can achieve anything you want in life.  

This book is an amazing read that tells his story and also explains how real estate can be a magnificent way to build wealth and passive income.  

You can order this book here:



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