WOW!  Did USA Today Just Admit That They Are Purely A Propaganda Machine?  Why You Should Not Trust Everything You Read From The Media

Now before you read this, I want to state that we do not take a political stance on who should be president.  We are simply reporting the facts on an article that a news organization recently published.

With that said…

Check out this article on USA Today.  They litterally have come out and blatantly stated that they are against Donald Trump for president!  

So much for “fair and balanced” news!  USA Today has basically come out and said that they are 100% a propaganda machine!

Wikipedia’s definition of Propaganda:

“…information, especially of a biased nature, used to promote or publicise a particular political cause or point of view.”

So, by definition, USA Today has admited that they are not reporting the facts.  They are not reporting news.  They are distributing propaganda.

You can find this USA Today article @


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