If You Still Need Your “WHY” To Get Rich, Here Is One Good Reason That Is Very Powerful!

People have a very wide range of reasons that they want to become millionaires.  Often people just want to be able to enjoy expensive things like fast cars, luxury homes and extravagant vacations.  While these are certainly things to look forward to enjoying, everyone needs a true and meaningful “Why” to help keep them on track and to stay motivated. 

Have you given any thought as to what your “Why” really is?  Do you want to start a foundation for disaster relief for third world countries?  Do you want to help fund an addiction recovery clinic to help people get clean and sober?  Sometimes just wanting to be rich by itself might not be enough to get us to do the things we need to do to get there.  If we have a strong and powerful “Why” behind our ambitions, it is much more likely that we will hold on and keep trying to achieve wealth so that we can accomplish our “Why.” 

Everybody is entitled to having their own “Why,” and no reason is wrong or better than others.  You have to figure out for yourself what the true reason is behind wanting to become a millionaire.  When you figure out your “Why” make sure you write it down with your goals in a place that you will see it often.  If you are having a hard time coming up with your “Why,” here is a good one that you should think about”

Building wealth to better the lives of your kids, grandkids, and future family generations.

 I have several different “Why’s” myself, but this is my main why.  I want to build massive wealth because I want to ensure that my kids and grandkids are able to take advantage of any opportunity that they desire.  If they want to go to an ivy league school, I want to ensure that they will be able to attend without money being an issue.  If they want to travel around the world and learn about different cultures, I want them to be able to do that. 

For me this is a very powerful “Why” because I want my posterity to grow up with the best of everything.  I do not want any of them growing up in a household where money is a topic of taboo; where beliefs about money are negative.  I want my family to understand that money is a tool that allows us to achieve more, and to live life to the fullest.  Money allows us to take advantage of more opportunities in life that many are not able to take advantage of. 

My plan is to teach my children about how money works.  I want them to know how to manage money, invest money and how to create value.  The problem that I have observed with generation wealth is that many kids who grow up in rich households take their family’s wealth for granted.  I do not want this to be the case.  I will ensure that the kids and grandkids in my family will have a good work ethic and an entrepreneurial spirit, so that our generational family wealth will continue to grow and continue to be passed on.  This is my why… I want to build massive family wealth that continues to grow as it is passed on from generation to generation. 

What is your “Why?”


2 thoughts on “If You Still Need Your “WHY” To Get Rich, Here Is One Good Reason That Is Very Powerful!

  1. I would love to become wealthy enough that my children can pursue their passions and not have to work to just pay the bills. On the flip side I worry how I ensure my work ethic will be passed down and they don’t become trust fund babies that don’t contribute to society.

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