WEEKLY BOOK RECOMMENDATION: “2 Years To A Million In Real Estate” By Matthew Martinez


I bought this book back in 2006 (I think this was the year it was released).  Matthew Martinez is a great author on the subject of real estate; having tons of real life experience and “practicing what he preaches.”  

In this book I learned many valuable skills that helped me get into the real estate game.  In the book, Martinez outlines how he was able to acquire $1 million worth of real estate in less than 2 years with very little cash.  Throughout the book he lays out how he was able to do this and how anyone else can do the same things he did.  

Matthew was then able to retire from his day job early and support himself from the cash flow that was generated from his investment properties.  This is one of the main goals of a lot of real estate investors, and one of the main benefits of cash flow real estate.  You don’t have to wait until you are 65 years old to retire.  You can take charge of your financial future now and some people are even able to accomplish this in less than 2 years.  I don’t see any reason why anyone with commitment would not be able achieve this in 10 years or less.  

Matthew Martinez also has 2 other real estate books (I have read all 3) and I will be doing a weekly book recommendation on both of those other books in the future. Remember that books are one of the most cost effective forms of education that you can get.  You can learn from real life people with real life experience.  I used to hate reading back in high school… I never read any of the novels that were assigned to us in English class, I always got on cliff notes and read the summaries so that I could do my book reports.  However when I started seeking to learn about business, investing and real estate, I found out that I actually loved to read.  I have read well over 100 books on business, investing, real estate, personal finance, wealth building, economics and more.  Reading is where I built my foundation and what got me to the beginning steps to getting started.  By the way, I still cannot sit down a read a novel.  

You can pick up a copy of this book at the link below:







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