How To Have A Full Time Job, Start A Business And Operate A Blog All At The Same Time


I’m going to be talking about productivity today.

I’m going to cover:

My work flow and how I manage tasks

My daily routine

Apps and tools I use

The way I attack tasks

Over the past few years, I’ve worked my ass off at a lot of different things, and the key to it all has been my Evernote workflow. It’s how I manage my whole life.

Every week, I get shit done. I have to. Here’s some of what I have on:

CMO for a startup called Speedlancer

Founder of Creatomic (blog, agency, product dev lab)

Publishing up to 5,000 words a week

Writing a book

Consultant for a financial services firm

Planning my fucking wedding

Trying to beat Tomb Raider

Keeping in touch with my Mum, my 6 brothers and my social life.

That adds up to a massive number of commitments. And to stay on top of all this, I’ve developed a way to work, over the past few years, that keeps me focused and accomplished without wasting time or blowing anything….

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