BOOSTING PRODUCTIVITY: The Importance Of Time Management & Prioritizing What Is Most Important To Maximize Results


Managing Your Priorities: How to Manage Your Priorities and Boost Your Productivity

Dr. John Demartin

It is how you use your time that determines the degree of meaning or fulfillment you have and the money you make. Your time is both your life and your money. Your so-called time management system can be judged by the service it provides, the fulfillment it brings, and the economic rewards it produces.

But there is no such thing as true time management. You have the same exact amount of time as anyone else, 24 hours, in a day to work in. Getting more done is not about managing your time; it is about how you chose to focus your attention and intention during the time you have. When you focus on scheduling your day to do certain higher-priority actions, they are more likely to get done. In order to focus on your central bullseye of impacting long-term high priority actions, it is important to take command of your daily schedule. No one else is going to assure that you are living according to your true highest priorities.

If you fill your day with high-priority actions that inspire you, your day won’t fill up with low-priority distractions that don’t.

Since you can have more than one kind of high-priority action, it is wise to define them accordingly by further prioritizing your high priorities. High priority items or actions can fall under one or more of the following categories:

  • Those needing to be strategically planned (working on the business)
  • Those needing to be done in relation to yourself
  • Those needing to be done in relation to your employees
  • Those needing to be done in relation to your clients, customers, patients…
  • Those needing to be done that are creative (new divisions, services, products, markets…)
  • Those needing to be delegated outside your company (outsourced)
  • Those needing to be delegated inside your company (unsourced)…


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