Billionaire Investor Jim Rogers: Both Presidential Candidates Mean Complete Disaster For The US Economy



“Jim Rogers Explains What He Is Doing Before ‘The Next Time The World Comes To An End'”

“…If Mr. Trump does what he says– I’m just saying what he says– if he does, it means bankruptcy and war. I mean, trade wars. He is determined, he says, to have lots of trade wars. If he does that, that’s always, always led to bankruptcy. One of the, I guess, the main lesson of history is that nobody knows the lessons of history.

Now, if Mrs. Clinton wins, same thing, it just takes longer. She doesn’t have a clue what she’s doing, absolutely, no clue what she’s doing. And she’ll bank– she’ll tax us all and bankrupt us all, sooner or later, sooner probably. Maybe a little later than if Mr. Trump wins. But either way, there’s a bear market in your future. 

And the two people on the horizon, which apparently one of will win– it’s as I said before, these things start slowly, a marginal country, marginal companies, and the next thing you know we’re in the midst of a bear market…”


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