Building A Multi-Million Dollar Business In Just 3 Years! 9 Tips To Help You Achieve Tremendous Growth!


“During an interview last week I was asked to talk about the most impactful things we did in the early days at BigCommerce (2009–2012) to grow the company from nothing to a $100M valuation during that time, so I thought I’d share my speaking notes here to help other founders on their journey.

Invest In Design As A Differentiator

Every business has some element of design that can be used as a competitive advantage to get new customers or employees

What is the first impression potential customers get when they experience your brand? (reception area, website, etc)

Think about your customer experience and how you can improve that with efficient design

Be Tied To Your Vision, But Not Your Approach

Be open to new ways of accomplishing a goal — even if those ideas aren’t yours

Look at what your competitors and companies in other industries are doing and apply what’s working to your business

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure” — if something is important, make sure it’s being measured

Not All Customers Are Created Equally

Understand who your “perfect customer” is

Reallocate your marketing budget to get your message in front of more people who look like your perfect customer

Team your team how to recognize (lead score) potential perfect customers and reach out to them first

Don’t Plan More Than 18 Months Out

If you’re growing fast, your company will be COMPLETELY DIFFERENT in 18 months from now

You will probably have to replace your leadership team more than once over the next few years — and that’s OK

Hire for where you want to take the company over the next 18 months — not 2/5/10 years…”

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