GETTING STARTED: “28 Tools to Help You Launch Your Startup”


It’s the catch-22 of the startup world: you want to launch something cool, but you need money to do it, but you won’t have money until you launch something cool.

Hey, we get it. While it’s harder to get your startup off the ground without much of a budget, we’re big believers in constraints; sometimes, the fewer resources you have at your disposable, the more clever and thrifty you get. Below, you’ll find 28 tools to help you bring your idea to life—everything from products that will help you build and design an app on the cheap, to plug-ins and services that will make it easier to market and promote your idea. We hope you find a few things in here that help make your launch a runaway success.


Where to get press coverage for your startup.

We’re just going to state the obvious: getting press coverage for your startup or product launch can be a huge pain in the donkey. Luckily, now you have—a list of tech-related media sites — sortable by number of Twitter followers and Alexa rank — to help you find the media outlets that can best tell your story. This tool doesn’t do all the work for you (you still have to find specific journalist contacts, in most cases), but it sure makes it easier to come up with your initial outreach list.

Hey Press

Free searchable database finds journalists for your startup

Hey Press is a searchable database of tech journalists. The site has crawled hundreds of thousands of articles written by thousands of writers to help you find the journalists who care about and cover startups like yours. Just enter a keyword (e.g. transportation, bitcoin, VR, etc.), and boom! Out comes a list of the more relevant writers, along with the articles they’ve written and their contact details (when available).

Get notified in Slack when your startup is mentioned online

With this Slack integration, you can create alerts for anything you want to be notified about, like: when your startup or competitors are mentioned anywhere online, when a specific person is mentioned, or when something gets published about an event or topic you want to track. You can also select sources you want to read notifications from (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Blogs, Product Hunt, Medium, News Sites, etc.)


Pexels 2.0

The best free stock photos in one place.

Finding stock photography for your startup’s website, product, and/or blog can be a huge pain — not to mention a time suck. Luckily, Pexels 2.0 slays with its enormous free stock photo collection. This high-quality, free alternative to paid (read: expensive) stock photo sites like Getty Images and Shutterstock is a gem. No more spending hours looking for the perfect image of someone writing on a whiteboard. And no more paying hundreds of dollars to use a photo, either.

App Screenshot Builder

Create gorgeous images for your app page in minutes.

App Screenshot Builder makes it easy to make well-designed, custom images for your App Store or Google Play page. This builder was created so that anyone can use it — even if they don’t have previous design experience. If you’re working on launching a product with little-to-no budget, this is an invaluable tool that will help you create a sharp looking page without spending a ton of money on screenshot images of your app….

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