AMAZING: Living Life Like A King As An Expat On Less Than $2,000 Per Month! Yes It Is Possible!

Although there are places here in the US, where if you only bring home $2,000 per month you are basically living in poverty, there are places in the world where $2,000 per month would allow you to live a luxurious lifestyle.  Consider Thailand, where the standard of living has dramatically increased over the last decade, but at the same time you can still rent a high-rise luxury apartment in downtown Bangkok for under $600 per month.

Here is an article that lays out options for people who did not save a dime for retirement, and who are depending only on their monthly social security income.



10 Countries Where That Social Security Check Will Let You Retire in Style

Relying on nothing but Social Security certainly isn’t a sound retirement plan. but many retirees would like it to play a larger role in their day-to-day expenses, which makes sense. The more bills you can pay with the Social Security check, the more you can free up your retirement savings for enjoying life and exploring new passions. Cutting back and budgeting could certainly help, but for the adventurous, there’s another option: moving overseas.

In many countries the costs of living are so small that a Social Security check is more than enough to retire on in style. Payments might average only $1,335 per month, but in places where an apartment only costs $300 and a night out is $5, that can be more than enough. The idea isn’t even that unusual…

… To help with that decision International Living has recently published a guide for expat retirees…

10) Cambodia…

9) Malaysia…

8) Nicaragua…

7) Indonesia…

… The country that boasts Bali and the Gili Islands, Indonesia is a vacation hotspot,         which has given it the reputation of having some of the most expensive hotels in        Southeast Asia. Don’t be fooled. For those who want to move to one of its 17,000           islands, the cost of actually living rather than visiting is more than cheap enough for that Social Security check. A few hundred dollars will buy you a nice one-bedroom         apartment, and a single buck will get you a plate of noodles with a view of the ocean…

To see the other 6 cheap places to retire, read more @


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