Country Music Star Who Started a Multi-Million Dollar Liquor Company—This Millionaire Knows The Real Meaning of Reinvesting Profits

Most celebrities end up pissing away their wealth because they are too stupid to know how money works. Some however, are smarter than that. They know that the easy money won’t be there forever and so they find or build assets that will keep them high on the hog for life. What can we learn from this?


“…When Kenny Chesney launched Blue Chair Bay rum in 2013, he was determined to do things his way—and with himself at the company’s helm.

‘I own it 100%,’ he told FORBES at the time. ‘It was important to me, it’s my inspiration, my story. It’d be hard to share that with anyone else.’

More than three years later, things are going better than Chesney could have imagined. Like every startup, there were minor missteps in the early days, but quick corrections and unconventional marketing tactics have helped Blue Chair Bay’s annual sales nearly triple since 2013, during a period when rum sales, as a category, have gone down…”

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