UNBELIEVABLE: Investor in Kansas Makes Over $8 Million From a Humble $10,600 Investment! 

From usatoday.com:

“…His name is Stewart Horejsi and he turned a modest $10,600 investment into an $8,016,867 fortune.

And after using the exact same strategy a few more times, he now appears on the Forbes list of billionaires! (#1476 to be exact)

How did he do it?

Horejsi piggybacked on the success of a man who rewrote the rules of investing. His name is Warren Buffett — the billionaire investor. Horejsi began purchasing shares of Buffett’s company, Berkshire Hathaway, at a modest $265 per share years ago.

Today he splits his time between houses in Oregon, Arizona, and The Barbados…

…Here are some of my favorite ‘rules’ that Horejsi and Buffett both appear to have done.

#3 – Embrace what’s boring, think long-term, and ignore the ups-and-downs.

#6 – It’s easier to be smart one time than do it over and over again.

#8 – The best investments provide real world value, not just market value…”

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