BOOM: All US Stock Indexes Close At Record Highs! How Much Higher Will Stocks Rise?

Buy low, sell high. That is the oldest investment advice of all time. It seems simple, yet for some reason the masses can’t ever figure it out. I don’t give investment advice, but I am happy to share with people what I am doing with my money. I am currently 100% out of the stock market… You couldn’t get me to touch this market with a 1,000 foot pole! When you start seeing headlines that contain the words “record highs” that should at least be a strong warning signal! Here is a CNBC article with some of those exact words in the headline…


“‘All Major US Stock Indexes Post Record Closes; Oil Rallies

Stocks closed higher Thursday, with the three major indexes closing at new record highs, amid sharp gains in oil prices and strong quarterly results from retailers…

…Thursday also marked the first time since 1999 the Dow, S&P and the Nasdaq posted record closing highs on the same day, according to Bespoke….”

Read the full article @


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