THIS IS LIKE GOLD: 10 Quotes From Shark Tank’s Mr. Wonderful That Every Entrepreneur Must Read ASAP!


“Kevin O’Leary, or ‘Mr. Wonderful’ for you Shark Tank fans, is a seasoned entrepreneur and investor that doesn’t hold back when it comes to dishing out advice to contestants that appear on the hit television show.

Like him or not, his advice is spot on. Here are 10 quotes from O’Leary that every entrepreneur can learn from.

1. ‘It pains me to see good entrepreneurs chase bad opportunities.’

Successful entrepreneurs come up with bad ideas all the time and many continue to pursue them because they are blinded by passion. Past success doesn’t necessarily guarantee the next idea will be a home run. While it helps, it isn’t always guaranteed.

Seek honest feedback and opinions about your idea from outside your inner circle. Family and friends aren’t always going to be brutally honest in fear of discouraging or upsetting you. Feedback from your target market in the early stages can help you engage the breaks on a bad idea before you get too deep….”

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