SIX FIGURE JOB OPENINGS : The FAA Is Looking For Air Traffic Controllers… Interested? Wait Until You See Their Median Salary!

One of the best plans when working towards becoming a millionaire is getting a good paying job, saving a large portion of your income, and investing that money into a side business and/or real estate investments! Here is a great possible career choice that could help you move in that direction:


“FAA to hire 1,400 air traffic control trainees…

…Federal Aviation Administration is seeking new air traffic controllers.

Faced with what their union calls a severe shortage of workers, the agency is looking for more than 1,400 people to undergo a 13 onth training program at the FAA Academy in Oklahoma City…

…The new trainees will receive salaries ranging from $22,888 to $28,626, and those that are offered a permanent position as an air traffic controller after completing the program will make a starting salary of $38,193 per year, according to the jobs listing. The spokesperson said a “significant” number of the trainees usually end up with jobs.

From there, the gig can offer attractive pay raises. The FAA says the median salary for air traffic controllers is about $123,000.”

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